The doors are open!

Finally, it’s time to get this web site rolling! Basically, what you will find here is either posts about things in the world that are plain wrong and that we need to express our opinions about and discuss, or things for your plain amusement. In a nutshell: things that in some way are regarded by us, in some way or another, as fucked (in lack of a more political correct word). For more information, please see the About page.

The first actual post will be published tomorrow, August 23rd, and from then on the writers will do their best to deliver as interesting or entertaining material as possible. We hope you will like it and that it will become a welcome addition to your online life.


2 thoughts on “The doors are open!”

  1. If you can pull me away from Craigslist at lunch breaks then you’re a star.

    C’mon boys, I’ve added the feed; make me cringe!!!

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