It’s not rape if you don’t look sad enough

A while ago in Sweden, a mentally challenged woman was raped. However, all the charges against the perpetrator was dropped, since the woman didn’t look sad enough in a picture he took just after the “alleged” rape had been committed.

Although the medical examination verifies that a rape has indeed taken place, he was still let to roam free to find another victim. The verdict, translated from Swedish, reads something in line with:

The woman in question doesn’t display the normal signs of the mood that should occur after a rape has taken place.

How the hell can they interpret her feelings from only a photo? And why isn’t the professional doctor’s result regarded? Outrageous.

2 thoughts on “It’s not rape if you don’t look sad enough”

  1. A rapist in the UK was recently free to go after only having to give an apology to his victim.

    This is mainly because of the cases situation, drink was involved and the two were aquanted anyway, but many argue he was lef off because of the shortage of prison space, currently a crisis in Britain.

    It’s ridiculous, personally i regard rape as high a sin as murder.

  2. James,

    That’s just terrible. Here in Sweden there’s also a lot of rapist let free just because the woman were drunk and/or scantily clad. I can’t believe how that can be an excuse!

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