Americans ‘too fat for x-rays’

According to a study, the Americans are too fat for x-rays, and the US government says 64% of the population are obese. This has lead to necessary x-raying and ultrasounds being abandoned.

Dr Colin Wayne of the UK’s National Obesity Forum states:

It’s worrying if people can’t get the necessary investigations. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. It is the epidemic of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases that will follow in the wake of obesity that is even more worrying.

So, my questions are: how have we come to this? Is it only because of our poor diets and lack of exercise? Is it as easy as to only address those things, or is there a bigger problem here? Is it perhaps about the whole western lifestyle?

Either way, I think it’s sad that people can’t get the necessary treatment because of their body composition and weight…

4 thoughts on “Americans ‘too fat for x-rays’”

  1. Obesity has officially overtaken hunger on a world scale which is shocking. I think it’s a combination of the following:

    * Shows like Oprah which forgive fat people and even make it cool.
    * Crap is cheap and quick. Good essential fatty acids, proteins and carbs cost money.
    * Technology makes us lazy, ie, remote control, mobile phone.
    * Lower parental standards means kids don’t get out enough.
    * Conspiracy: Lower life expentancy means pension shortfalls and senior care costs are lower.

    Ooh, I could go on for ever but I’ve got to get off this computer, put the bacon sandwich down and get some fresh air and exercise.

  2. Ed,

    Thanks for sharing! I think you may be on to something with each and every point (with the possible exception of the conpsiracy one… :-)).

  3. I must digg a bit deeper into “The Conspiracy” aspect of it all.
    I like the idéa even though it´s a bit fu-ked.
    What can explain the fact that nowdays a doctor can´t say get on a f…ing stairmaster or you´ll die of clogged arteries and not get questioned from the patient. Humn, I think I want a second opinion…. It is politicly incorrect to say something like that. On the other hand how many milliones are diagnosed obese?? How many voters??
    I might be sticking my chin out, but come on!! Don´t order the superseized coke when you still get free refill to your´re medium seized.

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