Wow, I’m impressed….

Well, first of all I would like to say hello to everone. This is my first post here (read my bio – I am the silent one…). I’m starting out my future blog-mania by submitting something quite impressive…..

We have all been there, after laundry – folding the t-shirts so they will fit in the drawer. Everyone has their own technique (mine is just wrong – ask my girlfriend), everyone have their favorite way… But this lady – well all I can say is “Wow – that’s fucked.” I could never, never achieve that….

A movie with a lady mastering t-shirt folding

8 thoughts on “Wow, I’m impressed….”

  1. I’d like to make just one suggestion:

    It took me a little while to figure out that “A movie with a lady mastering t-shirt folding” was actually the fall back for not having the correct plugins installed, perhaps you could style it differently?

  2. Rowan,

    Yes, the fall back text could’ve been more clear, although most proper web browsers will also alert you that you need certain plugins to watch some web pages.

    But now you will at least be able to watch the next move we put up, right? :-)

  3. this is awesome, and actually really easy, and far quicker and has better results than my original way. my mom is gonna be so proud when i teach her hahaha

  4. must… learn.. chinese…

    I still figured it out after many attempts with the T-shirt facing the wrong direction. Great Video!

    Hey Henrik! You really are the silent one, awesome 1st and only post!

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