U as in USA

A little conspiracy theme for you here… After the happenings of September 11th took place, many Swedes noted that the spelling of Usama Bin-Laden was different in Swedish newspapers compared to the US ones.

For some reason, the “Usa” part was removed from the American spelling…

As the theory goes, this was because the then (and now?) most hated man in the USA had a name that begun with the same three letters as their beloved country. Of course, this wasn’t acceptable, so media took the liberty of changing the spelling.

Another take is that it’s hard to translate Arabic sounds/letters into the Western alphabet so it’s just a coincidence. Whichever is true, you can read more in USAma vs. Osama.

Also: what’s your take?

3 thoughts on “U as in USA”

  1. I think this article about Usama vs. Osama is total bullshit. You people have nothing better to do with your time than sitting around making up stupid smart ass about the war, President Bush or some other thing thats war related. I think you all are worthless peices og shit and dont desevre to call yourselfs American.

  2. Maranda,

    Your opinion is just fine. But just for your information: I’m not interested in calling myself an American since I’m not; I’m Swedish.

  3. Having just worked intensively with Egyptians, I know that they do not have consistent transliterations for Arabic words. It wouldn’t surprise me if both were true; they found out that it could be spelled either way, and went with the “O.”

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