IKEA and a horn dog

In one of the pictures of the IKEA catalog in Canada, a young family is chilling on a bed with their beloved dog. But, wait a minute? I that a… penis?

Apparently some people got upset and took a closer view of what’s between the dog’s legs, and came to the conclusion that it was equipped with a human penis.

A picture from the Canadian IKEA catalog of a dog and a family.

According to Debbie McDowell, corporate communications manager for IKEA’s Canadian office:

…we can definitely say this is a picture of a dog’s leg, and it is not something else.

You can read more in Unfortunate’ photo wasn’t tampered with: IKEA.

Personally, I think this story tells us more about people who, first thing they do when seeing an IKEA commercial, glances towards the groin area of a dog, than the IKEA design department…


PS. Thanks to Dejan for the tip. DS.

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