Debra Lafave

I guess most of you have heard the story about Debra Lafave: she was the then 23-year old teacher that had sex with one of her 14-year old students, and was later charged with “lewd and lascivious behavior.”

My Take? Every boy in the world dream about that the same thing would happen to them!

As the story goes, the first time anything happened, she performed oral sex on the boy in the class room after the lesson. After that, they had sex multiple time over the course of four days, and the last time they did it was in the backseat of the cousin’s car while the cousin was driving it. Doesn’t sound like he was too pressured to do it, right?

A picture of Debra Lafave

Later, the apparently jealous cousin reported this to the police, and the prosecution was a fact. It wonderfully led to the Free Debra movement (and people say other people don’t care enough…); it is something I support a 100%, and in the end the charges were dropped.

I think HAIL DUBYUS! put it best with this quote:

…who must live the rest of his life, certain in the knowledge that no matter what else happens in his life, he will NEVER GET LUCKIER!

There’s also a cartoon to be found at HAIL DUBYUS! that you need 3D-glasses for to thoroughly enjoy.


All hail Debra! Where were you when I were in school?

12 thoughts on “Debra Lafave”

  1. I agree,! they denounced the boy who will live in pain the rest of his life?? thats bullshit!! he should have his whacker cut off for not being truthfull.! its a young mans dream have a teacher do this.. Im just so sorry I didnt have a teacher like her in school.. and at this second. I would love to smack the the shit out that kid!!! lying lil bastard, so mommy dont get mad.. Grrrr

  2. Hmm, I wonder if you would have the same opinion if it was the other way around, a 23 year old male teacher having sex with a 14 year old girl who he’s teaching. Maybe I should hold that question and get back to you when your own daughter is 14 and she starts looking at her teacher in a new way, what do you think?

  3. Martin,

    To me, that’s not relevant to this post. I can only express my opinion as a man/former boy and how I would’ve reacted if that had happened to me. And, if what you write would happen, then that’s a situation for another day.

    The points with the post are:

    a) It doesn’t seem like he was to pressured to do it after reading the reports.

    b) The main idea was just to joke about the whole situation.

    If you want to be the spokesman and fight for equality, go on, it’s a noble cause. But maybe this isn’t the forum for it…



  5. She’s a doll. I wish she would have pounced on me at age 14…Or even now for that matter. She is one sexy and good looking woman. I would put my 7 1/4 inches in her all night long. She is fantastic.

  6. They go on and on about how this may damage this 14 year old. Hell we all know this kid is on cloud nine. Who would’nt like to bang this babe. You can see it in her eyes on tv too, she’s not done just “sneaky”. Oh yeah baby.

  7. Haha, Martin Got Shut Down!
    Wow, i know i’m really behind, but YES she is Rocketing. I to would have loved to be in that boys position. 14 isn’t all that young not to know any better, he was well aware of what pleasures it would bring him. Anyway, back to Martin’s statement, I believe that guys are more open and understanding to sex than girls (No Offense, Honestly) But I feel us males, are more tolerable to sexual and arrousal activity. Point being, I feel that male are more subjected to sex than females. We might not all be horn-dogged males, but hell, we have our fantasies, And That Boy Lived One!

  8. I realize the controversy this has stired up about double standards. But this situation is in a class of it’s own. This woman is beautiful. I had good looking teachers, some liked to tease and knew it but in a small town in Texas noting ever came ot it. This woman is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen and I have seen plenty being from Texas, Dallas and Houston even beats Los Angeles because there is less fake. The only problem this boy made was making it public. As long as it lasted I would have carried it to my grave or at least until she ended it. I did understand she was not being very descrete about the sexual activity and he had no way to control that. The cousins Mother ruined a good thing for his cousin.
    Loving Texas, come see us, you are always welcome!

  9. i am a female and i know what this kid felt. i too had contact with one of my school male teachers. He was young and hot and boy did he devirginized me. Till this day nobody knows. so what…age is nothing but a number, what is the big deal! i got tired of masturbation and when he came along i loved every pounding. i am 30 years old now and if i could do it again, in a heart beat.

  10. guys your wrong not all girls are weak and love sex just as much. don’t get scared but my mom married a way younger man than she was and i was 16 when he came along….and of course you know the rest. i loved it. whn i was a senior in high school i banged by teacher and never told. i will carry it to the grave. it was wonderful. Me the Nympho

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