Plane Socializing

Hi folks. I’m finally back and caught up with work since I went off to the US for a couple of conferences, so time to post here again!

Anyhow, I don’t know about you, but I love plane travel. Everytime I travel by plane, I get the opportunity to get drunk with fascinating strangers, from a really cool makeup artist chick who was into death metal, and had worked on movies such as The Mummy, through a Welsh biker chick who offered me some gigs for my band, to a scientist who had a couple of bottles of wine, and then confessed to me all the times he’d cheated on his wife! I kid you not…

Fortunately, not that many of them turn out to be loonies, but I think that last one is kinda Fucked. It is extremely weird how someone can choose a complete stranger to share such closet skeletons with…but then I guess anonymity can be an important factor sometimes.

What weird in-flight stories have you guys got to share?

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