Boys forcing their way to sex

A recently conducted survey in a suburb just outside of Stockholm amongst 15-year old boy shows that:

17% has at least once forced their way to have sex with a girl.

Naturally, it’s in the eye of the beholder what “forcing your way to have sex” actually means, but I still find it enormously upsetting. What the hell’s wrong with you?

7 thoughts on “Boys forcing their way to sex”

  1. From your wording, I would assume that the 17% were those who themselves felt that they were forcing the girl. I wonder what the number would be, if they could have included boys who made the girl feel forced without meaning to.

  2. What’s wrong with them? Well, even though it doesn’t specifically state in which suburb the survey was conducted, I’d say it’s pretty clear to me what’s wrong with them: They’re ***.

  3. i think that a guy using a little force is encouraged when girls say no then give in. if no means no, then mean what u say.eventually giving in tells guys that it is ok to use some force she would give in soon.

  4. lala, you’re an idiot. It’s awful to use any force. Girls give in because they feel that to be accepted they have to say yes.

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