A pantiless pyramide

Recently I went with my work to France for a conference, and something that I never would have expected happened.

We had a three-course dinner in a huge ballroom (we were about 140 people), and everyone was as dressed up as they could get. Men in suits and smoking, and women in way too pricey dresses. On every table, there was a note with different tasks to do during the dinner, together with a disposable camera to properly document it.

One of the things to do was to depict the Eiffel Tower, and the people at the table next to ours’ eagerly started to build a human pyramid. Basically, it was a bunch of men sitting on all four on top of each other, with a small woman t the very top, sitting on her knees and holding her hands up to the ceiling.

At a first glance, the distance between her knees seemed to be just a tad too much, and giving it a second, more focused, look, you could see that she wasn’t wearing any panties…

And why would she? I couldn’t imagine a more, eh, interesting top of the human Eiffel Tower… :-)

2 thoughts on “A pantiless pyramide”

  1. So…was the diposable camera put to good use then? Show us the evidence! This IS Fucked. after all!

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