The Fucked. store is open – write a slogan to win merchandise

Finally, it’s here! The Fucked. store is opened, and you’re more than welcome to visit it! And you know what? You can win a product too!

The rules are simple:

Come up with a cool slogan, featuring the word “Fucked”, that could be put on a product. The winner will, free of charge, get a product of choice with that slogan!
So, basically, just write a comment with a slogan suggestion and off you go!

This competition will close in one week’s time, on June 7th.

This competition is now closed. A winner has been announced


Fucked. reserve the right not to accept any of the given suggestions. Fucked. also reserve the right to use the winner’s slogan suggestion in the future for any product they like, and this also goes for suggestions from people who don’t win the competition. Comments found offending by the Fucked. authors will be deleted.

26 thoughts on “The Fucked. store is open – write a slogan to win merchandise”

  1. “Fucked. It’s not always a bad thing.” or “Fucked. Was it good for you?” or, and you probably can’t use this one since it’s a song lyric, “Fucked. Come on baby, make it hurt so good.”

  2. - Get “Fucked” You know you want to!
    - For everything else that’s “Fucked”
    - Which way to “Fucked” up?
    - Fubar
    - “Fucked” Penetrating your mind since 2006
    - “Fucked” because we said so!
    - “Fucked” Don’t it feel good
    - How “Fucked” up doo yu tink I am?
    - “Fucked” is there any better place to be?
    - Working my way to getting “Fucked” right up!
    - You know you’re “Fucked” when…
    - Is it me? or Is it you that’s “Fucked” up?
    - Don’t mind me, I’m “Fucked”.
    - All I ever get is “Fucked”!
    - “Fucked” is my middle name.
    - How “Fucked” is that?!
    - Do I have “Fucked” written on my forehead?
    - “Fucked” – Need I say more?

    LOL that’s all for now, gotta run :)

  3. -Somedays your the fucker and some days the fuckee
    -Fuck Me Be careful what you wish for (things not to say in prison)
    -over four hundred fucked
    -now fucking number 69
    -fucked again
    -that’s not hot that’s fucked (should include image of Paris Hilton in prison stripes)

  4. Some slogan suggestions (context is everything of course):

    1) I’m as fucked as the next guy

    2) major league fucked

    3) sparrow fucked and clueless

    4) fucked centrefold of the month

    5) fucked fighting yet?

    6) linux – fucked at racing

    7) commercially fucked

    8) dumb fucked

    9) fucked for luck but never for love

    10) just plain vanilla fucked thanks

    11) now my head is fucked too

    12) indecently fucked

    … ok that’s enough (ha ha) have some exam to swat for.

  5. - Pop the cherry at
    - Fucked. by three guys.
    - I Fucked. last night!

  6. my buddy went to Stockholm and all I got was Fucked.
    Backside of tshirt: How are ya?/you? Frontside: Fucked.
    Fucked! Fucked? Fucked.
    and for the nerds: 01000110011101010110001101101011011001010110010000101110

  7. Fucked. it’s a lifestyle

    Fucked. you don’t know it till you’ve tried it

    Fucked. Give it a try

    One day your sitting pretty, the next day your Fucked.

    Fucked. you know what I’m talking about

    We’re all Fucked. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun

    More later


  8. - “Fucked”, Another word for up the ass!
    - I got this coffee after I “Fucked” your wife.
    - I was “Fucked” the minute I said “I DO”!
    - Life’s not a bitch, it’s “Fucked”.
    - There’s “Fucked” and then there’s *Fucked*!
    - If you keep reading this shirt, you’re gonna get “Fucked”
    - One word describes your face – “Fucked”.
    - Was it you I “Fucked” last night?!
    - Getting “Fucked” isn’t dirty if you do it right!
    - If I were as “Fucked” as you, I’d get this shirt that says so!
    - Global Warming… We’re “Fucked”!
    - Getting “Fucked” isn’t as pretty as you think!
    - My mission in life is to get “Fucked”
    - “Fucked”, and “Fucked” hard.
    - The reason I’m “Fucked” is standing right beside me.
    - One word comes to mind when I think of our government… “Fucked”.
    - Any way you look at it, we’re all “Fucked”!

    LOL, I feel like my Mum should wash out my mouth after posting all these slogans. Haha :) Maybe I’ll think of more later :)

  9. Since your website is, i feel it will be rather redundant to include the fuck term inside your slogan.

    1) Feels Heavenly.
    2) Pumping Hard.
    3) Oh…My God.
    4) Don’t Stop!
    5) Just Fuck it.

    I had fun writing these slogan and i hope u guys enjoy it as much as i do. =)

  10. 1. If you can read this you are Fucked!!
    2. Fucked? visit

    hehe..its fun readin all those comments… lol :)

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