Slogan competition winner announced

So, a little while ago we had a slogan competition here, and we’re now proud to announce the winner!

I know it’s mandatory to say something like this, but it sincerely was really hard picking the winner. However, after many discussions back and forth between the Fucked. authors, we finally (somewhat) agreed, and chose Fredrik Norlin as the winner! His suggestion was:

Fucked. by three guys.

We think there are so many meanings and levels to his sick and wonderfully twisted slogan (although we seriously doubt anyone will buy it, so please prove us wrong :-)), that we had to give in and award him the prize he has so well deserved: a t-shirt with the winning phrase.

Also, I’m personally really eager to know if he actually dares to wear it in public. :-)

Congratulations Fredrik, and thank you everyone else for great contributions!

8 thoughts on “Slogan competition winner announced”

  1. I can’t keep myself from laughing. This is fucked! I’m so happy that I won, but when on earth am I going to wear that t-shirt!? :-D

    Chris, Henrik and Robert, thank you very much!!

  2. Fredrik,

    You’re more than welcome; thank you! :-)


    Some of your suggestions were also amongst the final suggestions, so you were pretty close to wearing a t-shirt with a funky slogan… :-)

  3. Thank you Pat and Chris.

    Actually this is the second slogan competition I’ve won, so this seem to be my cup of tea. Maybe I should start a blog about tips and tricks on writing prize winning slogans :-)

  4. ha ha yes I would have picked that one…

    having said that I’d have to say I won’t be wearing it into a bar in a hurry lol. The brilliant thing about a good design (slogan included) is when you look at it and think ‘How did I miss that one!?’

    Great stuff Frederik.

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