Shit in aisle 5

My neighbor went to one of the local supermarkets the other day, and she told me this wonderful story. :-)

As she is minding her own business, just cruising down one of the aisles in the store, she turns into an empty one. And, lo and behold, what does she see on the floor? Someone has actually taken a shit, and just left it there!

I can just see it before me: a stressed-out mom with a nearly toilet-trained kid (i.e. no diapers) just flips out after her kid is nagging her that he has to go do number two, so she just finds an empty aisle and tells him to go there.

Another thing I’d love to hear over the PA system is a drone voice saying:

We have some shit in aisle 5, shit in aisle 5. Ronny (the intern), please take care of it.

4 thoughts on “Shit in aisle 5”

  1. LOL too funny (the PA comment)!! :D – Depending on how big the crap was, how do you know it wasn’t an adult ;P~ GROSS!! If it was a situation such as you describe, and Mummy had no wipes, the discreet thing to have done was to let the child go in his pants if need be, while running him/her to the bathroom. Some people are so disgusting!!

  2. Since I wasn’t there, I can’t really tell if it was produced by an adult or a kid. But yeah, if it had been a kid, let him/her go in the pants, and then immediately take care of it, definitely.

  3. Reminds me of a very peculiar situation that occured around 6 in the morning by mid summer’s time on King’s Port Avenue, Gothenburg. Me and my wife were waiting for a tram to bring us home after some nightly adventures. The dew was slowly beginning to vaporize in the morning sun, some sea gulls making noises and overall, it was indeed a very calm and idyllic scene. Until a bloke came around, took his pants off and sat down, some 20 meters afar from us.

    Assuming the coast was all clear, he started to poo, (according to my wife) a pretty decent amount (I couldn’t bare to watch). He then took a short walk until he found a piece of hot dog paper, which was put to good use, cleaning it up. Quite a stunning display.

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