About Fucked.

Fucked. is a web site dealing with things that are terrible and wrong, devoted to be a ventilation point for people for such occurences, but it is also about hilarious things making you laugh or stand flabbergasted. The idea is to have a sort of Yin and yang theme with bad things and good things mixed together, just like life itself.

The difference with Fucked. though is that the topics will almost exclusively be about things that will be sure to trigger a reaction from you; you will go “that’s fucked!”, either because something is inherently wrong, or because it’s extremely entertaining and/or amusingly weird.

The purpose is definitely not to be a so-called shock blog, nor to to be merely a poor excuse to use the “F” word. On the contrary, the writings and discussions are supposed to be on a respectful level and to shed some light about things going on in the world.

Also, please note that one writer’s opinions aren’t necessarily shared by the others.

Why a Swedish domain name (.se)?

Two reasons, basically:

  1. It was available. :-)
  2. The majority of writers, two out of three, are from Sweden (the third one is a Brit).

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