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A picture of Robert Robert has always had a strong reaction to things that he finds wrong, and feels a desire to share his opinions and discuss it with other people. He thinks there are so many bad things that occur in the world, and that we need to shed the light on them and not just let them pass us by. He has got his own personal web site, Robert’s talk, where he continuously writes.

Robert is very interested in anything hilarious and entertaining, and is always up for getting a good laugh or finding the humor in a situation. His sense of humor has been shaped by great comedy like Fawlty Towers, Friends, South Park and many other.

Robert is also still a bit in shock from reading Chris’ bio below…


A picture of Henrik Henrik is the silent one. He is a strong believer of truth, justice and the non American way. Henrik loves to enjoy life, to drink his beer and read his books. Sometimes he likes to go out to his country house, to escape the world of computers, DVD movies and the ever increasing media noise that exists in the world.


A picture of Chris Chris is a warrior of metal, from beyond time and space. Sent here by the elder gods to wreak havoc, loud music, bad jokes and insobriety upon civilization, he began his nefarious work in the sleepy province of England, where he inhabits a giant’s body and speaks in a low monotone, in an attempt to conceal his real identity.

His lack of social skills and personal hygiene makes the web a perfect communication medium for Chris, and he was lucky enough to befriend Robert, who gave him a bath, a space on this site, and a shoulder to cry on. He plays drums in heavy metal band Conquest of Steel, massages prose for a living, and hangs out at gigs, geek conferences, and seedy bars. He loves powerful music, friendly people, good humour, and honesty. His main turn offs are football, crap chart music, arrogance, posers, and liars. He thinks your skin smells nice.

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